Switching git branch names

Recently I was working on a project where there’s only the master initially, which uses docker for the environment.

Afterwards, as the project is ready to be launched, I made another branch named basic_setup which does not use docker anymore, but just uses the preset environment in the production server instead.

Then I think it would make more sense if I switch the branch names; the original master branch should be named development branch, and renaming basic_setup to master. So that whenever there are new changes I can always just work on the development branch using docker in my local environment which is definitely easier.

Here is the guide I followed and worked well for me in this use case:



But there is one tricky part if you are using gitlab or github where there is a default branch setting that forbids you from removing it in the remote repository. So you have to switch that default branch to something else before you can remove it.

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